• Business-IT-Alignment
  • DevOps
  • Empowerment
  • IT Architecture
  • Project management
  • PRINCE2® and IPMA®

The business simulation Bridge-it is a wonderful vehicle for discussing and experiencing project management. The set-up of Bridge-it contains a complete series of projects with a rising scale of difficulty. Furthermore, participants must incorporate the project results
into a running business. A running business for which the project results cannot come quickly enough in order to achieve its operating targets, but that suffers from them at the same time. It suffers from them because they are ‘over the wall’, ‘just too late’, ‘too expensive’, ‘don’t quite fit’, and because annoying but essential repair and finishing activities are required.

The challenge

Bridge-it is set in a small theme park that has joined an American chain - FamilyFunFormula. In order to attract an audience and to earn back the investment, the park’s operators need new, bigger, and better attractions each year. Innovation teams develop these attractions that are then operated by the Park Management Department. All sorts of things go wrong during the implementation, and the owner is seriously concerned about the company’s future.
Participants have the assignment to align Business and IT to make sure the Parc survives !


  • delivery: Hybrid (classroom+virtual dashboard)
  • time: 4 - 8 hrs
  • number of participants: 8 to 15
  • available in several languages: YES
  • target audience: Businessmanagers, Projectmanagers, Projectteams, Professionals