Custom & Co-creation

Simagine, in co-creation with the client, can develop a customized business simulation that can strengthen the specific culture or process of your organization. Participants in the business simulation develop skills to influence their own development and that of the organization in the desired direction.

A number of steps are followed, from idea to final design:

  • The organisational reality is first mapped out in a meeting with the client.
  • The playing field and players are then identified, using a so-called actors model. This provides insight into how the process works in the organisation.
  • We then lend meaning to this organisational reality by defining the relationships between the various actors. It is important to apply the correct level of abstraction in doing so, in order to develop a relevant and realistic simulation.
  • In a following step, a game concept is devised, with tasks, tools and rules. This is followed by validation of the concept versus reality and the meaning. In other words: is the design still in keeping with the actual process and are the options flexible, relevant and realistic enough?
  • Tests are then carried out, with a repeat of the above steps if necessary, until the prototype is correctly calibrated for optimum learning. 

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