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More and more organizations are directly dependent on automated information services. This makes high demands on the quality of the information services and communication between users and the IT organization. Demand-it helps organize collaboration between these two parties. Together participants develop an information services organization, in which agreements on tasks, responsibilities and powers play an important role. Can a Bimodal IT approach offer a solution here?

The challenge

In an amusement park, visitor assistants (users) try to guide various target groups as well as possible through the park. If problems arise, they can ask Park Management (Information Services) for help. The park managers assess whether they can solve the problem themselves or whether they have to call in Attraction Management (IT). Meanwhile, the management and the policy department develop long-term policy frameworks. The park managers have their work cut out steering everything in the right direction.
Despite all the hard work users are dissatisfied with Information Services. Things take too long, priorities are not properly set, and users do not get what they expect.
Information Services do not succeed in justifying the activities and costs. The work varies in character: short cyclical work and medium and long-term activities are all mixed together. It is difficult to specify functionalities and tests are not properly set up. It is not always clear who is responsible for what, and even when it is, people just go their own way.

The challenge to participants : get organized, get optimized. Make sure the park has a future!

Bimodal IT workshop
with the business simulation Demand-IT


  • delivery: Hybrid (classroom+virtual dashboard)
  • time: 4 - 8 hrs
  • number of participants: 8 to 15
  • available in several languages: YES
  • target audience: Businessmanagers, Demand managers, Professionals, users