• Results-oriented work in teams / chains
  • Lean thinking and Lean-IT
  • Business process management

Ease-it sets people in motion and specifically stimulates them to let go of department-oriented thinking. Participants soon realise that hard work alone will not help in the long term, unless they also keep sight of their own contribution to the (team) performance.

Participants and their organizations recognize these simulations as being authentic reproductions of situations they are familiar with. And if while ‘playing the game’ they themselves are able to make the connection with their own organization, that Eureka moment is born. A fantastic basis for sustainable change!

The challenge:

BDS is an insurance company with several departments involved in an intensive exchange of files. Claims need to be dealt with correctly and on time, while keeping the costs as low as possible. Participants soon discover that the company is not doing well. Losses are increasing and clients are dissatisfied. It is up to the participants to turn this situation around as soon as possible.



  • delivery: Hybrid (classroom+virtual dashboard)
  • time: 4 - 8 hrs
  • number of participants: 8 to 15
  • available in several languages: YES
  • target audience: Businessmanagers, Process managers, Team members, Professionals