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Steering of a management team, for example, requires insight into one's own perceptive capabilities, among other things. Do we only see matters which we expect to see? Do we have an eye for insidious and possibly lingering issues? And how do we react to input from our fellow team members? How effective is our decision making in times of uncertainty, time pressure and disappointing results?

These aspects concerning the functioning of management teams are explicitly experienced in the Mercator business simulation. A first step towards improvement.

The challenge

You are a senior consultant at Monitor Consultancy Group, recently formed by a large administrative organization as part of a larger economic cooperation programme for Eastern Europe. The objective is to help administrative organizations improve. Your team has just been asked to help a Bulgarian organization called Bulga. Your assignment is to optimize Bulgas results. It has asked you to govern the organization - from afar - by pointing to the measures that should be taken in the different areas. It is agreed that you will provisionally advise them for the next year and a half. If successful, the agreement will be continued. In other words, there is the expectation that the organization will be easier to govern and control and that results will improve!