Hands-on PRINCE2® Foundation

HANDSONBlended learning programma

  • (eLearning) Introduction and preparation workshop
  • Workshop PRINCE® + business simulation Bridge-it
  • (eLearning) summary workshop + deepening knowledge
  • (eLearning) cases
  • (Online) Exam PRINCE® Foundation
  • (Online) Hands-on certification

Participants in a “standard’ PRINCE2® foundation training are mainly trained and tested in terms of knowledge, but the application of PRINCE2® in a true project-oriented organization also requires intrinsic motivation and skills such as process awareness, process-based working, cooperation and customer-oriented working.

This is why Simagine has developed a Hands-on PRINCE2® Foundation training (APPROVED BY EXIN). Participants are trained and certified in PRINCE2®-foundation knowledge ánd in 4 complementary compentences in a uniquely integrated program. The program consists of a workshop (8 hours) with the business simulation Bridge-it in combination with an integrated online learning environment (social learning, online coach). The average time needed for the online learning environment is about 16 hours.


  • The participant has become versed in the PRINCE2® theory, structure and basic concepts (Knowledge)
  • The participant is familiar with the various Project management processes and understands how they are related (Process awareness)
  • The participant is capable of recognizing roles, targets and responsibilities, and can take action accordingly (Process-based working)
  • The candidate appreciates collaboration and is able to adapt at times in order to be more effective and efficient as a team (Cooperation)
  • The participant understands that his or her work is oriented towards the creation of value for customers (Customer-oriented working)

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