• Financial & control
  • Cash management



Cash which is trapped in projects, tenders and stockpiling, is not available for implementing innovations or other initiatives. Do we really need external financing for the investments or is there money in the company itself? We take on an assignment, we do our job, and we give results. But.... when do we invoice our work? When it’s complete? Or when we incur costs? And what happens if there is a change of plans? Does the invoicing plan change too?
In other words, the sum of large and small decisions taken in the organization will eventually make an indefinite claim on the available working capital. Using Hard Cash, participants gain insight into the consequences of their actions on the available working capital.

The challenge

....a technical service provider (BDS) in the area of electrotechnology and mechanical engineering has received a major order from the port of Hanggai. Over the coming years, a completely new port area will need to be developed. However, management is concerned about the lack of control over significant money flows and financing in relation to this programme. “How can we make everyone concerned aware of this risk?” ...


  • delivery: Hybrid (classroom+virtual dashboard)
  • time: 4 - 8 hrs
  • number of participants: 8 to 15
  • available in several languages: YES
  • target audience: Businessmanagers, staff from the Project, Financial & Control, Professionals