• Information Architecture

It is apparently difficult to effectively communicate the essence and necessity of Information Architecture. Together with the NAF working group for games and simulations in architecture, Simagine has developed a compact awareness game which renders management and employees aware of the importance and added value of Information Architecture.

The challenge

Year 2050: Welcome to Stellar, a merger between a scientific institute (Science) and a commercial enterprise (Claims) and the biggest player on the market for stellar discoveries!

Participants are given three years in order to realize the benefits of the merger. In doing so, they encounter all kinds of problems, because nothing is quite what it seems, or is it? Objects which are interesting for scientists have little value for space cowboys, and vice versa. Is there a business case for cooperation? How unfortunate that some data is not accurate enough, so that it must be re-monitored. What do we need to organize in order to enable one-off registration? And is it worth the effort? As is the case in many information domain questions, the devil is in the details...