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Training & Education

Simagine offers support to organizations who wish to work at increasing their motivation, knowledge and skills. We have operationalized the principles of Motivation 3.0 into engagement, knowledge and capability.

This can be rendered concrete per client. We can steer in terms of increasing motivation to actively participate in a change process (engagement). We can work to increase knowledge regarding the imminent change (knowledge). Greater experience can also be gained with specific change elements, by practising them beforehand (capability).

With regard to the knowledge and capability, we often aim at the following participant skills:

  • Process awareness: to what degree is the participant aware of the processes and developments in the organisation and its environment? Awareness of the working environment will result in a more adequate reaction to customer needs and to (unforeseen) problems.
  • Process based working: to what extent is action undertaken on the basis of • role distribution, targets and chain based thinking? This includes translation of proactive behaviour and process awareness into correct actions.
  • Customer orientation: to what extent is action undertaken from the point of • view of attention for customers and quality levels? Think in terms of determining the customer’s needs and actually offering solutions. This may not be in line with process based working, because a role of working process has limitations which are of little interest to the customer but which can be restrictive in terms of offering solutions.
  • Cooperation: to what extent is there a team effort, and working together • within and outside the team? For example: What can you do if you are restricted by your task package but the customer requires a total solution? An exponent of this is the fusion capacity, leadership.

Here you can select our business simulations by theme.