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Transform & Innovate

The environment of organizations is changing rapidly. Organizations are forced to comply in order to remain competitive. They must implement flexibility into their processes and business models and innovate at startup speed. Many organizations have taken up this challenge, but in doing so they still ask themselves: "Are we doing enough and are we doing it fast enough?"

The Digital Fitness Scan™ is designed to assess organizations and digital transformation programs. The Digital Fitness ScanTM can be used more about the Digital Fitness Scan™

Business simulations can help to accelerate change

The transition curve becomes flattened through intervention with the aid of business simulations. Awareness, acceptance, testing and integration may already take place before the actual change. The dreaded ‘valley of despair’ is then no longer as deep and hopeless.

At the organisational level, the deployment of business simulations leads to a number of important results.

  • Those involved have greater insight into the situation as a whole, and therefore better understand the context within which change takes place.
  • The use of the business simulation allows participants to follow training in the future organisation, as it were. They have experienced success in the context of the business simulation, and that results in self efficacy with regard to the change to take place in the organisation reality.
  • Finally, experience has been gained in the mobilisation of knowledge, by learning from each other within the context of the business simulation. These targets touch directly on the effect of business simulations on the engagement, knowledge and capability of the participants. 
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